What Happens If uPVC Breaks?

What Happens If uPVC Breaks?

You’d be surprised at how many issues we can resolve with your windows without replacing them, despite the fact that it might seem like you need replacements. It is extremely rare for uPVC windows to require repairs, but this blog will demonstrate what problems may be resolved without replacing them.

Water Seeping Through Your Window Cracks:

You’ll see moist spots appearing around the window sill and edges inside your home when the seal is applied to a window. If the leak is small, we can generally patch the seal to prevent any further moisture. We might need to remove the window and install a new frame to fix the damage if there is significant water damage as a result of a significant leak, but the chances of that ever happening are very minor.


Misted glass is a common issue with windows. If the seal breaks, water penetrates between the glass panes, forming mineral deposits and condensation that give the window an unsightly misted appearance. You don’t need to replace your window totally if it starts to mist. To avoid the misted look and spare you money on a new frame, we could replace the glass with fresh double panes.

Broken Or Cracked Glass In A Window

Double glazing is comprised of toughened glass. Due to this it is very uncommon for cracks or shatters to occur. If they do show signs of damage, we can fix the pane without taking the frame out. We can usually repair the frame if it has been harmed, saving you money on new ones if it has. In order to help stop additional damage, we can put a protective coating on the glass at the same time.

Eco Hamilton:

You may get help from Eco Hamilton with any uPVC upkeep or cleaning issues. We help our customers maintain the frames and glass on their doors so they may keep using their high-performance doors for a very long time. If you’re looking for a reputable uPVC door manufacturer and installation, get in touch with our friendly team right now!

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