Why uPVC?

In Europe, almost 80% of all windows are made from uPVC.
Find out why.



uPVC windows and doors keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

uPVC joinery combined with double glazing achieves thermal insulation levels that exceed wood and even thermally broken aluminium at a very competitive price.

Our uPVC doors also offer these same thermal benefits.


Our uPVC windows and doors also offer excellent soundproofing qualities and are an effective barrier to noise.

When combined with double-glazing, overseas testing has measured sound reductions of up to 38dB!

Your home will not only be thermally insulated but will also be much quieter too.



Eco Hamilton’s uPVC windows and doors have a multi-point locking system to keep your home safe and secure. The lock engages at multiple points along the frame, rather than a single point as traditional windows and doors do.

The double glazed windows can be laminated, which makes them extremely difficult to break and the frames are reinforced by steel to give you maximum protection.



Our uPVC joinery is manufactured to withstand 40 years or more of New Zealand environmental conditions. Even the UV does not affect the performance of uPVC.

None of our products rots, rusts or corrodes and they do not require any painting. They are low maintenance and can simply be cleaned using soapy water. The hinges and other moving parts are recommended to be maintained occasionally.

Unlike aluminium and timber, uPVC cannot be deformed by moisture or changed in temperature.



uPVC windows and doors make your home more energy-efficient, due to their thermal insulation qualities.

Our German supplier uses recycled uPVC for internal components of their joinery, making it highly environmentally friendly. uPVC is recycled in European countries.

With the market rapidly growing in New Zealand and Australia, in time we expect to see uPVC being recycled locally.

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