French Doors

uPVC Doors

French doors are popular across many New Zealand homes and buildings that require an increased indoor-outdoor flow. They can often be found at entrances to patios and decks to connect the household to the outside. 


Eco Hamilton’s french doors feature two panels that open from the middle. The main panel has a handle that supports the locking and unlocking of the structure. The other panel opens with a lever that’s tucked away when the doors are closed. We even have asymmetrical designs available, with one larger and one smaller panel to suit your needs.


With a multi-point locking system and double rubber seal that make your doors 100% airtight, your home will be highly energy-efficient and secure at all times of the year. Our French doors are made with high-performing uPVC that has natural insulation and soundproofing qualities to offer your home excellent benefits.


To get more information about our range of French doors and other uPVC joinery products, talk to the Eco Hamilton team. We would love to help you find the best solution for your home in the Waikato region!


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