Tilt & Turn Windows

uPVC Windows

Tilt & Turn windows have a dual function that allows you to use them in two different positions for your needs. They are a popular option for new builds and renovations across the country.


They tilt inwards to an opening of 100mm to ventilate your home without having to fully open the window, keeping your home secure and preventing small children from climbing out.


Tilt & Turn windows can also open inwards, similarly to a door. As they have no friction hinges, they can swing freely allowing you full access to the outdoors and making cleaning simpler.


The uPVC material ensures that these windows last long and doesn’t require much maintenance. They have a multi-point locking system and an airtight double rubber seal, contributing to the safety and security of the home. The number of locking points depend on the size of the window, but each frame has at least two.


The Tilt & Turn windows are a great compromise between keeping your home secure, while also being closer to the outdoors. If you have any questions about this great product, get in touch with the Eco Hamilton team today.

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