BRANZ Appraised

BRANZ Appraised

Eco Hamilton is BRANZ Appraised

BRANZ provided our complete uPVC product range with their seal of approval in November 2018.


The Appraisal is excellent news for us at Eco Hamilton because it gives us legitimacy within the building industry. Architects and other industry professionals recognise the BRANZ stamp, immediately knowing that the product range meets all relevant New Zealand building codes. They don’t need to know much else about the product because the Appraisal gives them enough trust.

The BRANZ stamp includes all relevant building codes to our uPVC windows and doors, providing an accessible database about everything you need to know. Through this transparency is ensured, as there is no ambiguity around the quality and compliance of our product range.


BRANZ tested the entire range of our Aluplast 2000 IDEAL series uPVC products. Because all our uPVC extrusions have product codes with timestamps, the complete journey of the joinery can be tracked right from the time of manufacturing until the joinery arrives at your home. The uPVC is manufactured in Karlsruhe, Germany, before being shipped to Auckland. Our factory then fabricates the joinery to the highest standards from Aluplast.

This transparent tracking system allowed BRANZ to be able to verify the authenticity of our uPVC and give the windows and doors a 15-year guarantee. There are very few other products in New Zealand that have BRANZ Appraisal, especially not with such a significant guarantee.


BRANZ is an independent organisation supported by the government and stands for the Building Research Association New Zealand. They test and verify building materials and products in their own facility and publish reviews and impartial reports on their findings. They ensure that standards are upheld in the building industry across the country and that you can trust products.

All reports are free to access so both customers and architects alike can read the information. Our one is linked here.

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