How uPVC Holds Up In New Zealand's Weather Conditions

How uPVC Holds Up In New Zealand’s Weather Conditions

Timber vs. rain and ice:

Temperature and humidity may wreak havoc on the structural purity of certain materials, particularly wood. Severe cold can cause wooden window frames, doors, and door frames to shrink, while extreme humidity can cause them to warp or bow unfavourably. As a result, wood must be painted or sealed on a regular basis. PVC and aluminium windows, which do not suffer from the same degree of distortion, are becoming increasingly popular.

The key reason for the constant replacement of weatherstripping is that ice forms in the open spaces between doors and windows and the frames in which they are fixed. When warm, wet air leaves via these tiny gaps, it freezes when it meets the cold outside air. This makes it impossible to open a window without splitting the weather stripping, which leads to ice accumulation. This can make it difficult to open and close windows and doors.

uPVC frames against NZ weather:

uPVC is a long-lasting substance. It is widely utilized in other countries due to its capacity to tolerate the harshest weather conditions. The chemical nature of these windows has solidified, making them robust, efficient, and long-lasting. High-quality uPVC windows and doors will readily withstand even the warmest summers. They’ve been made and tested for UV resistance. This means that, unlike painted wood, they will not fade, peel, or flake.

uPVC is also resistant to the elements in the winter. It won’t rot, so it can withstand prolonged downpours and damp winters. In severe gusts, timber or aluminium frames will sway and wobble, but uPVC will remain calm and silent.

Many consumers choose uPVC double glazed windows because of their excellent thermal performance. During the winter, they naturally trap warm air within and cold air out, making them warmer than single glass or even aluminium and timber windows. Regardless matter where you live in New Zealand, they will withstand any weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow. You’ll never feel a gust of wind again when sitting near your windows and doors. They’re also energy-efficient, which means they’ll save you money on your utility costs thanks to their tight seal.

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